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Futuring portal opened by worldwide network best-selling sci-fi authors and tech pioneers

PhutureNews.com features the headlines of tomorrow today, a collaborative future prediction website headlining top selling sci-fi authors including Mainak Dhar, Peter Crawdon and much more


MONTREAL, Canada, Jan 5th, 2012 - PhutureNews.com, a brand new futuring portal featuring the news headlines of tomorrow today, was officially launched today by author and technology pioneer Matthew Mather, with contributions from best selling science fiction authors Mainak Dhar, Peter Cawdron, BV Larson and many more.


PhutureNews has quickly gathered hundreds of fans that have made predictions of everything in the probability of Justin Beiber being elected President of the United States to the date of business fusion reactors and contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. Users have the freedom to add their own future headlines to become voted on.

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